The award-winning 7 piece contemporary Irish traditional ensemble

Imbas. The second album from the award-winning
contemporary Irish traditional ensemble.


about ensemble Ériu


Ensemble Ériu, a septet led by Jack Talty and Neil O’Loghlen draw on a wealth of creative sources to perform arrangements of Irish traditional music rooted in the styles of West and North County Clare. The group brings together a chamber ensemble of some of Ireland’s most exciting young musicians from a range of performance backgrounds. The result is a unique combination of the fresh and familiar, a soundscape that is creatively progressive, yet rooted in tradition.

Ensemble Ériu released their self-titled debut album in 2013 to critical acclaim, and released their follow up Imbas in 2016

Ensemble Ériu are comprised of 7 of the most exceptional musicians in Ireland from a wide range of disciplines:

Neil O Loghlen – double bass, flute, tin whistle
Jack Talty – concertina, electronics
Matthew Berrill – clarinets
Paddy Groenland – guitar
Matthew Jacobson – drumkit
Maeve O'Hara – marimba, vibraphone
Jeremy Spencer – fiddle


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They are an extraordinary band, big band, big line up, lots of instruments, lots of imagination, all sorts going on … they are something special.
— John Kelly, RTÉ Lyric FM


More gigs will be announced very soon...

Very developed, soulful and meditative music from an impressive musical intelligence.
— Tony MacMahon




The self-titled debut album.
Released on CD + digital in 2013
via Raelach Records.



Ensemble Ériu's second album.
Released on vinyl + CD + digital in 2016
via Ensemble + Raelach Records

They’re a band who are getting brighter and bolder with every encounter... You’ll be seeing and hearing from them again.
— Jim Carroll, The Irish Times