The award-winning 7 piece contemporary Irish traditional ensemble

Imbas. The second album from the award-winning
contemporary Irish traditional ensemble.


about ensemble Ériu


Ensemble Ériu, a septet led by Jack Talty and Neil O’Loghlen draw on a wealth of creative sources to perform arrangements of Irish traditional music rooted in the styles of West and North County Clare. The group brings together a chamber ensemble of some of Ireland’s most exciting young musicians from a range of performance backgrounds. The result is a unique combination of the fresh and familiar, a soundscape that is creatively progressive, yet rooted in tradition.

Ensemble Ériu released their self-titled debut album in 2013 to critical acclaim, and released their follow up Imbas in 2016

Ensemble Ériu are comprised of 7 of the most exceptional musicians in Ireland from a wide range of disciplines:

Neil O Loghlen – double bass, flute, tin whistle
Jack Talty – concertina, electronics
Matthew Berrill – clarinets
Paddy Groenland – guitar
Matthew Jacobson – drumkit
Maeve O'Hara – marimba, vibraphone
Jeremy Spencer – fiddle


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They are an extraordinary band, big band, big line up, lots of instruments, lots of imagination, all sorts going on … they are something special.
— John Kelly, RTÉ Lyric FM




Thursday 10.11.2016

Friday 11.11.2016

Wednesday 16.11.2016

Thursday 17.11.2016

Friday 18.11.2016

The Crane, Galway

Connolly's of Leap, West Cork

An Lab, An Daingeann

Belvedere House, Dublin

St. Kevin's Church, Hollywood, Co. Wicklow

Very developed, soulful and meditative music from an impressive musical intelligence.
— Tony MacMahon




The self-titled debut album.
Released on CD + digital in 2013
via Raelach Records.



Ensemble Ériu's second album.
Released on vinyl + CD + digital in 2016
via Ensemble + Raelach Records

They’re a band who are getting brighter and bolder with every encounter... You’ll be seeing and hearing from them again.
— Jim Carroll, The Irish Times