Types Of Headphones


When choosing headphones, everyone is faced with the problem of choosing a type. In this guide, we consider the most popular types of headphones to choose the type of headset that best suits your needs.


Earbuds are the traditional and cheaper type of headphones that lean on the ear canal. These earphones are not very ergonomic and have little stability in the ear, so they tend to fall with the movements. The audio quality is discreet and does not completely isolate.

headphonesIn-Ear headphones

In-ear headphones are inserted inside the ear canal and guarantee excellent stability, superior comfort, and higher audio quality. Entering the ear canal, they act as a plug, isolating the ear from external sound and conveying the sound pressure towards the eardrum, allowing you to perceive fuller bass and clearer sound even at a lower volume.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones are a good choice for those looking for good audio quality but at the same time a small footprint. The comfort of the on-ear is good even if in prolonged use for several hours it can annoy the pressure on the auricle if the padding is not the best. The audio quality of the on-ear headphones is very good, and they become the best solution for those looking for higher sound quality than traditional or in-ear headphones.

headphonesOver-Ear Headphones

The Over-Ear headphones surround the auricle while leaving the speakers slightly detached from the ear. They offer a maximum level of comfort thanks to large padded pavilions that allow prolonged use without generally bothering you. The sound quality is the best among all models because, in addition to offering excellent sound insulation, headphones guarantee a wider and more faithful frequency range thanks to the generous size of the internal driver.

Closed and open headphones

On-ear and over-ear headphones can be both open and closed. The closed-back headphones have earcups without any opening on the outside, which produces greater isolation and less dispersion of sound.

The open-back headphones are less insulating and stand out from the others because the design reveals the internal circuit of the speaker. They reproduce a more natural sound without emphasizing the bass too much.

Dolby Atmos Receiver – is it worth it?

Dolby Atmos receiver

There are many models of Dolby Atmos receiver out there, with prices reaching hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Let you experience the excitement of every action scene and the excitement of every poignant moment in movies and TV shows.

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