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Way To Choose The First Guitar For Beginners


If you want to train to play guitar naturally the way you practice is a greater choice than to choose first guitar for beginners. Of course, lessons should be the key consideration and study that cannot be ignored, and what type of guitar you want to play.

Choosing the wrong sort of guitar (electric or acoustic) will make the path to learning the guitar more difficult and less fun than it would need to be.

In this post, I am going to share with you the things you need to remember before you choose a guitar for your first lessons.

Buying Your First Guitar

When you take all three of these things into account before you shop, so you will end up with a guitar that you would be proud to master and be able to keep playing for years to come.

What kind of music do you like about it?

For all the inexperienced guitar players I have spoken to, I doubt if all of them have ever thought what type of music they love and would probably want to hear until they purchase an instrument.

Maybe you do not think it makes a lot of sense either, but let me explain it a little more.

Many beginners want to take up the guitar because they want to be able to perform popular songs. If you are particularly into singer-songwriters and more casual music types, then the acoustic guitar makes a lot of sense for your first buy.


After all, playing a sweet gentle melody into an electric guitar distortion amplifier is not going to satisfy the urge to hear your favorite music.

And, vice versa, if you are into heavy rock then you would definitely consider purchasing a novice electric guitar rather than an acoustic guitar. Why? Okay, for the same reasons, I just mentioned the acoustic buying decision.

Eventually, you are going to want to hear songs that have distortion and a harder tone on the guitar. Take this point really seriously when considering what type of guitar, you want to purchase.

The acoustic is easier on the joints

That is a low factor for the acoustic guitar. As the strings on the acoustic are a thicker gage, and there is usually a higher pressure (space between the strings and the neck) on the acoustic guitar, it is going to be harder on the fingertips.



You do not have any calluses on your fingertips when you first launch. They are developing over time with practice, but playing for more than a few minutes at the beginning can leave the fingers feeling pretty sore.

When you decide to learn acoustic guitar, your fingers will be twice as tender. Of course, the reverse is true, too, the feet will dial more easily, but the initial stages of learning will be a little difficult.

Way To Choose The First Guitar For Beginners
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