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Is sound better through optical or HDMI?


HDMI cables have also taken audio from game consoles, Blu-ray players and set up TV boxes. When it comes to attaching your new soundbar or AV receiver, you can make two options, such as optical digital or HDMI audio.

First of all, you should know the difference between the HDMI vs optical cables and then you should understand exactly what its pros and cons are.

Both optical digital and HDMI audio from one system to another system are better than analog audio that can pass through multi-channel audio.

Both of these cables were pretty inexpensive. The simplest advice, however, is to go with HDMI.


However, these formats cannot be accessed by optical transmission. In terms of convenience, the HDMI also transmits video signals.

If you just need a single cable between a few devices, the HDMI is the right one to choose from.

By using HDMI, the wires are very common and using a single wire makes the configuration simpler. If you do not do that, the optical is perfect.

Even if your equipment does not have HDMI, it will take advantage of Blu-ray ‘s high-resolution audio formats. On the other side, the digital optical audio link is the strongest and is upright.


Connection-optical audio vs HDMI

There are many ways to connect home theater system to your device that offer complete surround sound. But now, one of the best known methods is HDMI. Currently, this is a basic cable that carries both audio and video.

Another most common approach is the optical communication, also known as S / PDIF and TO Slink, which only carries audio data and includes individual video links such as composite cables or components.

Is the optical audio higher than the HDMI? Definitely, it is somewhat self-evident that the link is of higher quality because it is all in one automated solution.



If you want to link your HDTV sound to your speaker system, you have to determine whether the optical audio or the HDMI is better for you.

The HDMI is really simple, compact and quick to set up. Around the same time, optical audio links are still a popular option for certain new televisions.

Just connect the optical audio output on the front of your TV to the optical input on your receiver or amplifier.

This model comes with a remote control system, so you can switch between different audio inputs.

Is sound better through optical or HDMI?
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